Compressor Separators

Compressor Separators

PSI Global Compressor Separators - The Benefits

Utilising its own media manufacturing plant and patented technology, PSI Global guarantees trouble-free separation for end users whether they require a wrapped or moulded separator.

Whilst a filter removes solid particles from the air stream via a matrix, a separator causes sub-microscopic liquid aerosols to coalesce into larger droplets that drain away from the air stream.  Separation requires extensive knowledge of aerosol trajectories, atomic interactions and surface chemistry.  An efficient separator allows droplets to be retrained without being re-entrained, whilst allowing oily water to drain away fast enough to prevent an increase in pressure.

PSI Global has the knowledge and experience in the separation and filtration industry gained from four decades of exhaustive research and development. Due to demand from its major competitors, PSI Global has licensed its patented technology to help solve this inherent industry problem. 

PSI Global Compressor Separators - Moulded Separators

A separator containing an ARTm™  moulded filter, PSI Global’s own patented technology, is ideal for high integrity applications where extra low air cleanliness is of paramount importance.  The high efficiency is achieved by arranging angled fibre orientation calculated to mirror the best angle for perfect separation.

The high tech, high integrity separator is more effective for high velocity applications and is ideal for pulsing systems where safety is imperative, such as train braking systems or where separator bursting would cause high collateral damage.  This includes areas such as nuclear applications, pharmaceutical, food and medical applications, or indeed anywhere where extreme low oil carry-over is crucial.

Compressor Separators

The benefits of PSI Global’s ARTm™ Moulded range:

  • Patented depth filtration using PSI Global’s own media
  • Robust structure
  • Performance controlled by state of the art computer

PSI Global Compressor Separators - Wrapped Separators

A  separator fitted with a wrapped filtration cartridge is equally effective in high dirt/particle, rapid change applications without the benefit of a pre-filtration safeguard.  It is more economical where dirt or particle laden air causes separators to have to be changed more regularly and low oil carry-over is not a requirement.  It delivers efficient depth filtration via multi-layered impregnated media with built-in optimum efficiency in each layer.

The benefits of PSI Global’s standard wrapped product:

  • Efficient depth filtration
  • Multi-layered structure with optimum efficiency in each layer
  • Impregnated media
  • Automated control procedures for repeatable quality
  • Our standard filter life


Also available in both moulded and wrapped designs is the latest spin-on separator.  Designed to cut down on servicing time and costs, both utilise PSI Global’s latest technology.

For maximum flexibility, this high quality spin-on separator utilises air from both inside and out with the outside supply initially being used to separate oil droplets from the circulating air and then by re-directing the internal air flow to force oil droplets to coalesce and drain away from the main air supply.

Spin On P5X5943white8bit.tif


Compressor Kits

For complete peace of mind PSI Global can supply ISO 9001 quality approved kits to OEMs.  By using its in-house computer controlled “kitting” service, real cost savings can be achieved.  For more information, contact your nearest sales office or use the on-line Contact enquiry form.

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