Filtration for OEMs

Filtration for OEMs

Filtration for OEMs - The Benefits

PSI Global specialises in providing clean air to the compressed air and vacuum industries and has a proven track record in developing innovative solutions to problems encountered by OEMs and end-users.

Clean air is essential for all users of compressed air to ensure maximum energy efficiency and a safe working environment.

PSI Global’s products for compressed air users are the natural choice for overcoming three fundamental industry issues:

Polluting exhausts:

Dirty exhaust air puts operating personnel at risk of exposure to fine particulates or oil mist, as well as affecting the overall cleanliness of the workplace. International occupational health and safety standards now require that oil mist be reduced to 5 mg/m3.

PSI Global products remove solids down to 0.001micron and oil mist to within the range of 1-3 mg/m3

Energy wastage:

In order for a compressor to work efficiently, any disruption to the airflow must be minimised. If air cannot flow smoothly through a filter, the resulting back pressure works against the pump, requiring a higher energy input.

Pressure drop further deteriorates over time if the element becomes clogged with oil.

PSI Global’s patented ARTmmoulded media exhibits exceptionally low pressure drop. Efficient drainage methods on all products reduce the build-up of oil residue inside the element.

line filter retrofits

Machine down-time:

Shutting down a compressor to change a filter generates labour costs and loss of productivity.

PSI Global products are extremely durable and are designed so that when they do need to be replaced, the process is as quick and easy as possible.

Filtration for OEMs - Why choose PSI Global?

PSI Global specialises in supplying OEM customers and draws on more than four decades of experience in the market. Throughout the product life-cycle, OEMs can count on world-class support from PSI Global’s technical and commercial teams:


OEM customers benefit from access to PSI Global’s patented technologies to develop a unique product. This is supported by extensive ongoing testing and analysis both in-house, or when more sophisticated instrumentation is required, at local universities.

A customised OEM service is also available on standard range products to provide a tailor-made solution to all customer needs.


PSI Global is the only filter supplier with its own in-house media manufacturing plant. This ensures a superior product with strict monitoring and testing throughout the manufacturing process.

To support the production requirements of OEM customers, Kan Ban operations can be set up from warehouses in Europe, North America or Asia.

International Customer Service

The focus on OEM customer needs extends across PSI Global’s operations. A first class customer service team, with many years of export experience, is available to assist clients in various locations throughout the world.

Quality and Product Development

We believe in excellence. To facilitate regular product innovations, the design team at PSI Global works on a continuous improvement programme. The resulting new developments are made available on all current OEM products, helping customers to remain at the forefront of filtration technology.


PSI Global work in partnership with customers and suppliers to provide superior products and service. The success of this philosophy is borne out by the number of patents that are jointly held with OEM customers.

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