PSI Global Filters - The Benefits

Using patented media production methods, PSI Global manufactures a wide range of in-line filters and filter silencers, including an extensive retrofit range for OEMs. Whatever grade of filtration is required, the PSI Global difference is evident:

Cleaner air

In addition to removing solid particles from the air stream, PSI Global’s filters achieve exceptionally low oil carry-over, keeping harmful contaminants at bay.

Reduced costs

Low pressure drop across the PSI Global product range prevents air from backing up behind the filter element. This allows plant and equipment to work at maximum energy efficiency throughout the serviceable life of the filter.

To keep maintenance costs low, all PSI Global products are designed for quick and easy installation and replacement. Running costs are further reduced by the outstanding durability across the company's entire product range.

Peace of mind

PSI Global’s patented pleated filter media retains its shape and elasticity, even in harsh chemical environments, and can withstand higher pressures and certain surge conditions without bursting. All products undergo extensive pressure testing to beyond the tolerances required by legislation.

PSI filters

PSI Global Filters - Product List

PSI Global supplies the following products for compressed air users:


  • In-line filters and housings
  • Compressor separators
  • Replacement filter elements

Filter Regulator Lubricators (FRL)

  • Filter silencers
  • In-line filters

Air preparation

  • Air intake filters
  • Activated carbon filters

PSI Filter housings

PSI Global Filters - End User Industries

The following list represents some of the end-user industries for PSI Global's compressed air products:

  • Advanced Pneumatics
  • Air Motors - Bearings
  • Automotive/Aircraft Industries
  • Bottled Gases
  • Breathing/Diving Air
  • Breweries and Distilleries
  • Chemical Production
  • Dental Equipment
  • Fluidic Systems
  • Food Packaging and Production
  • Gas Transmission and Distribution
  • General Industrial Pneumatics 
  • Granular and Powder Air Conveying
  • Instrument Air
  • Liquid Transfer
  • Machine Tools
  • Oil Field Machinery
  • Paint Spraying
  • Petroleum Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Pneumatic Gauging
  • Telecommunications
  • Watchmaking

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