Air / Oil Separators

Air / Oil Separators

PSI Global Air / Oil Separators - The Benefits

PSI Global’s substantial expertise in the complex field of separation has been gained through many years of experience, and a large proportion of the company’s patents relate to separation technology. PSI Global is the only separator manufacturer in the market to mould its own media, using the patented ARTm™ process, making it the natural choice for air/oil separators.

Cleaner air

The superior ARTm™ moulding process, devised by PSI Global, results in elements with exceptionally low oil carry-over which keeps vacuum pumps and compressors free from contamination and ensures that the exhaust air meets environmental standards.

Energy efficiency

Computer controlled alignment of the fibres maximises the free volume in the media pack, allowing air to flow freely. The resulting low pressure drop is maintained over time by the efficiency of the NoDL™ drainage, which prevents the build-up of oil residue inside the element.

Low running costs

PSI Global’s separators are specially treated so that the fibres retain their structure over time, prolonging the life of the separator and reducing down-time and maintenance costs.

P5X2522d Moulded Vacuum Separators

PSI Global Separators - PSI Global's Moulded Media

PSI Global's patented ARTm™ moulded media is one of the most efficient and technically advanced products on the market, offering unrivalled performance and durability. The company manufactures all its moulded media in-house, ensuring that each client obtains a product which is perfectly tailored to their requirements.

Moulded media: ARTm™  the benefits at a glance

  • Residual carry over as low as 1-3 mg/m³
  • Uniform resin-impregnated structure gives up to 6000 hours life-expectancy
  • Patented depth filtration
  • High free volume: exhibits exceptionally low pressure drop
  • In-house media fabrication, with full batch control for product traceability
  • Computer controlled moulding process to replicate exact client specifications

 ARTm moulding process

PSI Global's technical team provide expert advice and product support, enabling users to achieve optimum performance with moulded filters and separators. To find out more, please contact your nearest sales office.

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