Specialist Filters

Specialist Filters

Specialist Filters - Filter Silencers

Did you know...Rapidly expanding air can produce noise levels of 125 decibels - 40-decibels above HSE standards?  This equates to a jet taking off and is totally unacceptable in the workplace.

It's a fact...Noise levels can seriously affect workers' health and a company's bottom line! (fines etc)  So what should you do? PSI Global designed a pure solution to solve this inherent industry problem reducing noise levels by up to 40%.

The unrivalled safety and cost-saving benefits of PSI Global’s patented filter silencers have made the range the number one choice throughout the world for clean and quiet pneumatic exhausts.

A Safe Working Environment

  • Noise levels can be reduced as low as 69dBa, at a given air flow, providing a safe working environment and exceeding international Health and Safety legislation.
  • Oil mist is almost completely eliminated from the exhaust air, protecting personnel and the environment from dangerous contaminants.
  • Safe collection and drainage mechanisms allow for safe disposal of the oil residue, reducing the risk of spillages.

filter silencers

Improved efficiency

  • Low pressure drop across the ARTmmoulded filter element ensures that air does not back up behind the filter, allowing air motors to work effectively without stalling, and helping to reduce energy costs.

Reduced operating costs

  • PSI Global’s superior ARTmmoulded media delivers a prolonged filter life, reducing replacement costs and servicing time.

  • Modular: multiple exhausts can be combined on to one filter silencer.
  • Low pressure drop across the filter allows energy cost savings by minimising the required operating line pressure.

To find out more about how PSI Global filter silencers can provide cost-effective protection from noise and oil, please contact your nearest sales office.

Specialist Filters - Specialist Applications

PSI Global also supply filters for specialist applications, and has a proven track record of developing new products to meet customers' needs.

Antibacterial filters

Designed for use in medical. dental, pharmaceutical and veterinary applications, PSI Global’s antibacterial vacuum filters are made of materials that resist bacterial growth and  can withstand repeated exposure to high temperatures for sterilisation.

Medical vacuum in line housing.jpg

Activated Carbon

Carbon granules are dispersed in a non-woven matrix allowing optimum airflow and maximising the available surface area for absorption.

For further information about specialist applications, clients can access our technical consultancy service.

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Antibacterial Vacuum Filters
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